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Laying the floor can be an operation with varying degrees of complexity, which actually determine its final cost.
The simple installation of new tiles, is different than having to remove existing floor tiles.
It is therefore important to understand well what you actually need, before ordering a product.

Laying the floor: types and prices
• Construction and installation of a new floor: In this case, the creation of the screed, the installation of the tiles and the finishing interventions must be taken into account;
• Renovation of an existing floor: in addition to all the above-mentioned interventions, the removal and disposal of the old floor must be calculated;
• Laying on existing floors: it is among the least expensive and fastest solutions as it allows you to save on the cost of removing the old floor. It is a method that can be implemented only if the surface does not have any differences in level. In this case, requests for the installation of noble vinyl materials such as LVT on the existing floor are increasing, as they offer a cheap and fast solution with an attractive look.

How much does it cost to renovate the floors of a room?
The factors to be taken into consideration to calculate the cost of the installation can derive from multiple factors.
• Time: the size of the chosen tiles and the size of the surface to be paved will be decisive in establishing the time taken by the installer to finish the job and therefore formulate an approximate cost.
• Experience: Our installers are all qualified professionals, who will guarantee work performed in a workmanlike manner and in less time, without the need for further interventions in the short and above all long term.
• Type of products: a last important detail to consider is the difference between rectified and non-rectified stoneware tiles.

The former are more expensive but allow an installation with minimal joint (2mm), the latter are cheaper and easier to install but require a wider joint (min. 3mm).
Floor installation cost: below are some indicative prices for various types of installation.

Step 0
Type of installationCost per square meter
Installation of porcelain StonewareFrom 20 €
Pvc floor installation8-15 €
Bathroom Unit Starting from 800 €
Installation of ceramic wall tilesFrom 18 €

Laying outdoor floors
The installation of external floors follows a completely different logic compared to indoor flooring as there are multiple laying styles and materials, such as 2 cm thick porcelain stoneware.


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