Jungalow and more

Jungalow décor stoneware tiles

Jungalow and more

Also the ceramic world, which has always given much attention to changing fashions and trends, is inspired to the style created by the American interior designer Justina Blakeney that combines the words jungle and bungalow.

Jungalow: what is it?

Marazzi white deco

Extremely popular thanks to social media, the Jungalow style has inspired many people to get passionate about colour, nature and exotic animals even in small spaces. Thus even the narrowest bathroom comes to life in a firework of contrasts that reflect the atmosphere of the jungle.


The 1950s furnishings, the recovery of natural materials such as wicker and rattan, with a large number of vases and jars are the main features that complement the elements that characterize this style. Not to forget the potted plants: the larger the leaves, the better.

Even with porcelain stoneware and ceramics you can create Jungalow spaces where white walls become a base with which to match different types of décors that are produced with innovative printing processes.

Wallpapers are also transformed into a unique product that consists of extra-large decorative elements with floral and tropical motifs.

Our Jungalow collections

Marazzi white deco Jungalow

There are many collections that have included Jungalow elements within their product range, some in double-fired white body ceramics, which are only suitable for baths and showers, such as White Deco White Deco by Marazzi, where vivid colors are a counterpoint to more delicate tones, with details in slight relief, and a phenomenal texture.

ludo banano décor

Ludo by Ceramica Rondine alternates surfaces with pastel colours and an extremely natural texture with floral and tropical patterns in the same colour or in relief to create the perfect flair for a bathroom covering in the Jungalow style.

Other collections with a range of neutral tones suitable for both floors and walls, such as Manhattan and Docks by Ceramica Rondine, can be combined with colourful floral décors to create interesting and intense contrasts which are able to light up every space in the house only with their colour.

Manhattan White Bomb

Porcelain stoneware and ceramic demonstrate once again their versatility, being the ideal product for any type of style, even the most particular and eccentric ones, such as the Jungalow.

July 6, 2022