Refurbishment of a house and an old barn

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Refurbishment of a house and an old barn

The renovation project of a house and an old barn involved the refurbishment of the floor and wall tiles of three bathrooms and two kitchens, as well as the supply of sanitary ware and bathroom furniture.

Product selection

showroom Marazzi

After having surfed on the Tile & Style website in search of inspiration and having identified various interesting tiles, the owners of the house contacted us to arrange a visit to the showroom where they could confirm or change their initial choices. While visiting the showrooms of Marazzi, Ceramica Rondine and Old Sax the floor and wall tiles have been chosen.

Checking each product on site has made it possible to eliminate the last doubts and correct the choice of a couple of products that matched better to the colours of the walls.

Living area

cementum ash Marazzi

A very light and bright tile has been chosen for the living area, Cementum Ash in the large 75x75 size. The same tile in the sizes 75x150cm and 60x120cm has also been chosen to cover the old staircase.

staircase cementum ash Marazzi stairs cementum ash

Having opted for a kitchen with extremely modern lines and a very bright wall colour, we have chosen cement tiles, using the different graphics of Contrasti’s mixed décor, whose neutral grey colour perfectly matches with the kitchen and the wall.

Contrasti grigio mix

Sleeping area

Ever Fog

Upstairs we find the sleeping area, which is paved with Ever Fog by Ceramica Rondine. The choice of using the two sizes 20x120 and 30x120 of this wood-effect stoneware is truly stunning, as it confers a sense of dynamism to the flooring and reduces the risk of graphic repetition.

wall tiles bathroom eclettica Marazzi

For the two bathrooms in the sleeping area we have also supplied bathroom fixtures, fittings, taps and a flush-to-floor shower drain system. In this way we were able to perfectly coordinate the shapes and colours of all the elements that made up the two rooms, achieving in both cases a well-balanced final result.

Bath tiles

For the first bathroom we have used the Eclettica White ollection in the beautiful 40x120 size, together with a geometric décor in bright colours, which has been used in the shower as well as in the opposite wall. The flush-to-floor shower tray was with the Stripes décor of the Ever series, in order to create a non-slip surface. The beautiful bathroom cabinet echoes the shades of the wall decoration, as does the brushed pink aluminum closing profile. We definitely have achieved our goal: a lively, colorful and perfectly harmonious bathroom.

bathroom furniture mobilduenne

From the liveliness of the first bathroom to the sobriety of the second one, with its white concrete effect bath wall tilesDomus 20x60 by Old Sax, and the shower cladding with the Basket decoration from the Marazzi Fabric collection. Wall hung sanitary fixtures, modern style taps and a dark green bathroom cabinet complete the environment which, although narrow and long, enjoys a lot of brightness, transmitting a pleasant feeling of well-being.

bathroom wall tiles Domus Perla

Hobby room

Provence multicolor 30x60 flooring

Some of the typical architectural elements of the old barn such as the columns and the old vaulted ceiling tiles wanted to been kept, so as not to completely lose the rustical character of the environment. This rustical flair has been emphasised by the new flooring a stone effect stoneware with different shades, Provence in the multicolor version.

Outdoor tiles Provence Multicolor

The same stoneware collection with an anti-slip version has been used to pave the space in front of the stable, which harmonizes well with the old external walls of the building. For the kitchen cladding we opted for the Metal Chic Cream décor, of the Provence collection by Ceramica Rondine, which adds a very pleasant touch of ethnicity.

Décor Metal Chic Cream

Finally, for the external walkways of the main house we used non-slip stone effect stoneware Saxum Natural by Old Sax, laid with a herringbone pattern.

August 26, 2022