Nordic style: bright, cosy and welcoming

Nordic Style

Nordic style: bright, cosy and welcoming

The Nordic style is mainly conditioned by the lack of sunlight typical of those areas in winter, which usually leads to prefer pastel colours combined with lighter shades. The element of light is also reflected in the composition of the rooms, that often provide simple and neat furnishings which are characterised above all by the use of large windows in order to make the house a bright and welcoming place.

Simplicity, light and colour as we said, but that’s certainly not everything. In the Nordic Home tradition, attention to detail is essential, not only about objects or accessories, but also for the use of flooring and wall tiles.

What floorings fit the best?

Nordic style wood effect flooring

If in Northern Europe the use of wood remains the predominant choice for the flooring of the house, we can recreate a Scandinavian atmosphere with wood effect stoneware tiles, without sacrificing comfort and easy maintenance.

The Cottage series, for example, reinterprets the taste of wood in a minimal and modern way, with different colours in the rectified 20x120 cm format.

Nordic style wood effect stoneware

The look of these wood-effect tiles is the result of a complex research aimed at reproposing the appearance of heat-treated oak slabs a drying process that occurs at very high temperatures and that has the advantage of homogenizing the colour, softening the shades and depriving the tiles of knots that can get annoying in the long run.

Another suitable alternative with light shades is Lodge by Old Sax, offered in three extremely versatile colours such as white, a light beige and a darker beige.

Lodge wood effect Old Sax

What wall tiles are the perfect solution for Nordic homes?

Resina Ragno

The range of neutral items that make up the Nordic style, from floors to furnishings and fixtures, is often accompanied by pastel colours. This can be achieved with a painted wall or by wall tiles in the kitchen backsplash and in the bathroom.

Among the different offers for solid colour coverings, Resina by Ragno can be purchased in 6 different shades, ranging from warm tones such as terracotta, pink and ivory to colder ones, such as white, grey and slate, creating a trendy and bright pastel colour palette.

Nordic Style Wall Tiles

If you like it colourful, you can also choose Ludo by Ceramica Rondine, which is available in eight pastel shades in the 60x120 format with vibrant colours such as blue and jade green.

Ludo Ceramica Rondine

The offer is completed by floral décors and 3D reliefs that allow you to enhance the environment without having to use excessively coloured furnishing items.

Nordic Style solid colour wall tiles

The attention to detail

As we are talking about furniture, the Nordic style prefers simple and neat lines, high-quality materials such as solid wood and modern and sustainable textiles. Adding a touch of classicism by rediscovering vintage cabinets or sideboards that can be combined with modern furniture helps to warm the house and let it be more welcoming.

The sense of warmth is definitely an ever-present element in this style, where the house is a safe shelter from the freezing outside temperatures. To emphasise these kinds of sensations, you can install soft lights, use large cushions, and maybe buy a wood stove as well! A comfy armchair with a beautiful long-stemmed lamp alongside, a fluffy blanket and a well-stocked bookcase complete the picture of this unique and cosy style.

March 2, 2022